Why Choose a Custom Kitchen Cabinet Maker?

As we’ve discussed numerous times throughout these blogs, undergoing a kitchen renovation means a long list of choices that needs to be addressed. We talked about the choice to have an undermount or a top-mount sink as well as the decision to have a wall-mounted oven or an oven that sits underneath your benchtop. We’ve even talked about the choice of kitchen layout, whether it be L-shaped, U-shaped or a galley.

In this episode, we’ll discuss the decision of where to source your cabinetry from. On one end, you have premade, standardised stock cabinets and cupboards and on the other, there are custom kitchen cabinet makers. While the main differences lie in the price of the two as well as lead times, we’ll present some other key differentiating factors which can help further inform you on what might be best for your project.

Product Quality

Whether it’s for durability or for your kitchen to withstand the test of time, custom kitchen cabinet makers are the way to go. In comparison to some premade, bargain stock cabinets the material quality in custom cabinetry can always be guaranteed. While stock cabinets can import their construction materials which can avoid compliance with Australian standards, QN Designs ensures to source only local MDF for its construction which has the assurance of both health safety as well as permanence. This means that our products contain comparatively less chemical input and will not yield under exposure to water.

However, quality is not solely exclusive to just the MDF material. It also extends to all the other aspects of the kitchen such as doors, drawer sliders and all other mechanisms such as pull-out pantries and in-built bins. QN Designs opts to provide these materials and accessories through our reputable partners such as Laminex, Polytec, Blum, Silestone, Dekton, Essastone, and others. Each partner provides quality assurance through their own warranty program and the assembly of the cabinetry is expertly provided through QN Designs’ qualified construction team with over sixty years of collective experience. For those who are looking to maintain the value of their home for years to come, going down the route of a custom kitchen cabinet maker can maintain a desirable return on investment.

Freedom in Measurements & Design

Due to the mass productional nature of stock cabinets, there are limitations in terms of stylistic choices and sizing of cabinetry. On the other hand, when you choose to go with custom kitchen cabinet makers, these restrictions are lifted and you have complete liberty in both the measurements of your cupboards. At QN Designs, this means that for whatever you plan to store in your drawers – whether it be pots and pans, mugs or cutlery – we are able to design your drawer faces in exact measurements to be able to accommodate for these plans. It also means that your cabinets are able to fit in to the very exact millimetre and leave no awkward gaps or leftover spaces.

You’ll also be able to have vast creative freedom in terms of colour scheme and other stylistic choices. The level of detail that is available means that you can choose whether you would like a glossy and shiny finish or a more attenuated matt look. It means that you can choose a timber style for your doors but with the option of having a light birch colour or a deep oak with the grained texture at the touch. Additionally, there is a great range of routing looks so you can bring back the traditional Oxford cupboard appearance or a streamlined contemporary no-handled look. The limitless opportunities available is one of the most appealing factors of choosing to go with a custom kitchen cabinet maker.

Installation & Assistance

There is often limited help in the process of designing one’s kitchen layout as well. When opting for custom kitchen cabinet makers, the nature of having a tailored fit for one’s home and personal use means that there is a great deal of communication and assistance available to ensure that your needs are met. With QN Designs, our design consultants are always looking to provide you with a comfortable renovation journey both during and after the renovation process.

With premade cabinets that are purchased off the shelf, there is also the expectation that the installation of such products are do-it-yourself. On the other hand, QN Designs offers a great deal of support such as an optional project management program which allows your additional trades work and your project timeline to be sorted out without your worries. QN Designs also provides solutions to any quirks during the installation process such as uneven ceiling lines or trimmings to the panels to ensure that there is a straight, streamlined appearance.

Contact Us Now

If you’re interested in going down the route of a custom kitchen cabinet maker or would like to know more about what we can do, please feel free to contact us. Visit us firsthand at our Malaga showroom at 1914 Beach Road or our Morley head office at 1/18 Boag Place. On the other hand, call our showroom at 9249 9492 or our head office at 9275 8253 to speak to one of our professional design consultants. Our experts are always happy to chat and provide you with ways that we can help you bring your kitchen renovation dreams to life.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens