5 Ways To Maximise Your Kitchen Bench Space with QN Designs!

Let’s think about the perks of having restrictive kitchen bench space – there aren’t many. It’s certainly an annoying situation when every square inch of your countertop is covered with stuff and you’re trying to figure out where to put the cake that which you’ve just freshly retrieved from the oven. It’s always a blessing to welcome more bench space into your kitchen, so without having to change your organisation or arrangement habits, here are some ways that you can maximise your benchtop space with the help of QN Designs!



We’ve recently posted a previous blog about sculleries, but it doesn’t hurt to stress again how practical and effective these are for solving many of the issues in the kitchen. Sculleries are almost like an overflow kitchen that acts like an extension of the current kitchen area. Sculleries are particularly beneficial when you’re the home entertainer type and want to keep all the typical mess of the kitchen hidden from the guests’ view or merely keep the main kitchen looking more appealing. They can be used for extra storage, keeping excess appliances, washing up and of course: more bench space. A scullery can double your bench space depending on the kitchen layout while performing other important functions, alleviating the stress of many everyday problems!

Induction Cooktop

If you have a gas cooktop within a very miniscule kitchen, then let us enlighten you about how an induction cooktop can add that little extra countertop space that just might change your life. Installing an electric cooktop means that when you aren’t boiling some pasta or frying your onions you can use the flat cooktop as an area where you can do your food preparation or to put your groceries down when you arrive back from the shops. It may only be a little extra clearance, but it may be the difference between frustration and contentment in a smaller layout room.

Sink Options

Abey NuQueen Double Bowl Undermount Sink Pack

Although the sink may be considered an area where bench space is compromised, there are various ways to bring this back and maximise your existing bench top space other than merely buying a smaller sink. Of these options include fitted drainers and cooktops that can be positioned over the top of your sink to act as a space where your washing, drying and food preparation space is all concisely included in one space rather than spreading out all these activities across the entire bench space.

Furthermore, if you’re making decisions about your kitchen renovation right now and value every inch of tabletop room, you might be interested in installing an undermount sink rather than an overmount. If you’d like to check out why, head on over to our previous blog which compares undermounts and top-mount sinks.

Island & Dining Table

Depending on the space and layout of your kitchen, you may want to consider installing an island bench. This opens a whole new dimension of bench space use and storage and can revolutionise the way that you operate your entire kitchen. Install an island cooktop and the area can be your new final plating area after you’ve channelled your inner Gordon Ramsay. Or bring in some bar stools and there you have a new place for your kids to sit and eat breakfast or do their homework.

Taking this to a whole new level, a trend that has been on the rise in recent years is an integrated dining table that extends from the island. Save the hassle of bringing dirty dishes over from the next room and keep the entire dining experience in the same room while also expanding your tabletop space two to threefold!

Down with the Wall

Before Renovation with QN Designs

Another idea that you may not have considered before involves a change to the layout to the room of your kitchen itself and it may be a relevant matter for those whose kitchens are constrained by unnecessary walls. This was the case for one of our past clients (in the photos to the right and below). Their kitchen was initially built in a very cramped state, enforced by a small brick wall which left little space for them to work with. However, upon clearing out that barrier, we were able to open up the space drastically and extend the bench space out from that tight little corner!

After Renovation with QN Designs

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Whether you’ve found an interest in any of these options or want to discuss other opportunities to maximise your bench space, we’re always happy to be in contact. We understand that countertop room is a valued characteristic of a kitchen and have a variety of ways that we can bring this to reality. To find out more, visit us at our Malaga showroom at 2/1914 Beach Road or our Morley head office at 1/18 Boag Place. Otherwise, call us at 9249 9492 (Malaga) or 9275 8253 (Morley).

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens