4 Ways That QN Designs Can Help You KonMari Your Kitchen!

Marie Kondo has helped to transform homes all over the globe by motivating us to get off our lazy backsides and experience the “Life-changing magic of tidying up.” If you haven’t read her book about the extraordinary benefit that can follow the adoption of her decluttering steps, then you best make sure you do so soon. Otherwise if you’re not so much of a book person, binge on her Netflix episodes which explore many of her Konmari tips and tricks in neatening up your home.

One of the most regularly used areas of our home is the kitchen and as a result, it can become a heavy annoyance if there is a daily struggle to navigate this space, search for the things we need or feel oppressed by its messiness. The home and all that is contained within should be one in which we are peacefully content to live in, a place for us to be proud to call uniquely our own.

Decluttering and tidying up not only helps to get rid of the visual dissonance aroused from a chaotic room, but it encourages us to find joy in a home that caters to us personally. Thus, in this latest release from QN Designs blog, you’ll find how we can help you endorse the Marie Kondo ideology for a tidier and more organised kitchen.

1. “Make sure you’re aware of everything and anything in your pantry…”

Marie Kondo claims that when she works to help people spruce up their kitchen, 30% of the food her clients keep are already expired. These outdated foods will have no capacity whatsoever to ‘spark joy’ in our present lives, not even for nostalgia sake so it’s important that we know exactly when to dispose of these products when their time has come to an end.

We often find that a lot of the food that ends up being years past its expiry date are found hidden at the back of a pantry or cupboard where we wouldn’t be able to easily access at all. If we think about all the effort that’s needed in stretching our arm all the way to the back of the cabinet while trying not to knock things over, it’s easy to imagine why a lot of the stuff that ends up there, stays there for much longer than intended.

Thus, one contraption that can resolve this problem are pull-out pantries or even drawers installed inside rather than shelves. At QN Designs, we offer many storage options for pantries which include Blum drawers or pull-out pantry doors, which means that the things you stow at the back will always be easy to see and access. These also provide for cute organisation opportunities that Kondo endorses, such as container separation or vertical stacking. Nonetheless, you’ll find that after installing these, you’ll have a lot less expired food in your pantry and a beautiful Konmari pantry!

2. “Put nothing on the counters or around the sink and stove top…”

Marie Kondo states that “you will be amazed at how easy your kitchen is to use if you design your storage with this aim in mind.” Having a clean countertop that is uncluttered and empty makes for a much cleaner look and provides much more space to work with. Nowadays we may find that we like to put many different sorts of appliances on our benchtop such as coffee machines, toasters and kettles. Especially in a smaller sized kitchen, these can end up making the whole cooking process much more cramped.

QN Designs provides solutions for this issue through the option of appliance cupboards. These are cabinets that are typically located at a corner of the room sitting just above the countertop where you can stow your typical benchtop appliances. These allow for a sleek kitchen look by making strong use of an awkward corner while also leaving vacant space on your open benchtop. It altogether makes for a less cluttered feel when working within this space as well as a polished visual scene.

3. “If you store cutlery and small kitchen utensils in drawers, use dividers to organise them”

Can you imagine having to sort through a drawer full of forks and knives just to find that one dessert spoon hidden among the pile? No one wants to go through this game of scavenger whenever they just want to dig straight into a tasty meal, and that’s exactly what a cutlery sorting tray helps you to prevent.

Here at QN Designs, we allow custom-made cutlery trays for all drawer sizes and other speciality needs. In addition to these, there are also Blum inner dividing systems which not only provide a sleek metallic look, but there are also adjustable options which allow for greater customisable flexibility and a greater range of Konmari organisation options.

4. “Use storage goods that add extra space to your cupboards”

Organisation is also about making the most of the existing space that you currently have and storing them in the most efficient way possible so that they can be easily used again. Although it is very difficult to use every cubic centimeter of storage space within a cabinet, the form of storage structure that a cupboard employs can contribute significantly to better use of this space.

For an example, utilizing three drawers provides over 30% more space than a cabinet of the same size which uses a single rigid shelf. In addition, it makes it easier to grab the objects stored at the back without exerting strenuous effort as discussed before. Marie Kondo endorses the use of storage goods such as drawers because they help to make work in the kitchen much more convenient.

Here at QN Designs, we offer a number of storage solutions that can help you make organisation both easier and more stylish. Rather than having a corner in your cabinetry that cannot be used, have a kidney corner accessory which converts it from a dead corner into a storage dream. Other storage contraptions that can be provided by QN Designs include lazy-susan’s, pull-out spice racks and an array of drawer selections etc.

Interest piqued?

If you’ve been inspired by the ingenuity that is the KonMari method, or if you would really like to bring a better organising structure to your kitchen or even if you are just plain curious; come on down to our Malaga showroom at 1914 Beach Road. Otherwise, contact one of our qualified designer consultants directly at 9249 9492 and we’ll be most glad to answer any of your inquiries.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens