4 Things to Consider Before Beginning Your Kitchen Renovation!

Do you sometimes just glance over at your kitchen and think about how dreary it is, then think about how it really could use a makeover? Do you then start contemplating undergoing a kitchen renovation, but immediately revert to being content with reality because you don’t even want to consider how overbearing the task would be? Maybe you just need a little bit of guidance, or maybe you just need to know where to start. Luckily enough, you’ll find that right here! This latest addition to QN Design’s blog collection is here to tell you what you should do before you start spending a cent on revitalising your kitchen.

1. Know what you need


Before anything, you should look at your current kitchen and ponder upon a couple of things. What do I like about my kitchen that I’d like to retain in my new one? What do I utterly dislike about it that I wish would change after the renovation? These things can include not having enough storage, having better appliances, sparse space for people to move around in etc.

Many of these aspects can be addressed through a combination of spatial layout choice, cabinetry placement and storage options. For an example, if you know you need more storage but you like having an open kitchen area, consider using an L shape kitchen and including storage additions to your limited cabinetry like drawers, spice racks and kidney corners.

It’s important that you also think about the people in your home and what kitchen best suits the family dynamic. Check out our previous blog here about the lifestyle benefits of kitchen renovations which discusses how different kitchen designs can better befit different households.

Once you’ve established these key ideas about what you would like included and what to be excluded, make sure to prioritise them in terms of importance to you because if finances are not a problem, then space is bound to be a limitation.

2. Inspire yourself

Get up to date on the latest trends and let your imagination run wild. Find ideas through Pinterest then scroll through and save your favorites in your own folder. Otherwise, jump on Instagram and search through various kitchen renovation hashtags or look at some of these pages that are filled with exceptionally beautiful feeds: @kitchens_of_insta, @polytec, @kitchendesignnetwork, @winningappliances.

While you’re at it, take a look at the QN Designs page (@qndesigns) and check out some of our own shared aesthetics to fuel your creative imagery. Or, if you’re not part of the Instagram cohort, check out our Facebook page where we post daily inspiration pictures for people like you. The internet is an expanding universe and there are countless sources for fantastical ideas, so go explore to your heart’s content.

3. Know your costs


A budget is important to have set for yourself early in the renovation process and it’s important that this budget takes into account all the annoying additional costs that may not be so obvious at first. To begin with, a good rule of thumb in estimating the amount you should spend in your renovation is by considering the overall cost of your home. The professionals in the industry suggest that remodels of a kitchen should amount to between 5 and 15% of your property’s total value. If you’re new to the scene or to the idea of a kitchen renovation, then 10% is a good guiding figure to start yourself with.

When you then arrive at the stage where you want to get a feel for how much different aspects of a kitchen renovation costs, make sure that you also consider the cost of labour and installation. Furthermore, quoted figures can also be given without tax inclusion, so be careful because that extra 10% GST can mean an extra few grand! Other costs may include delivery from the warehouse to your home, tradesmen to touch up any utility issues as well as any upgrades from standard materials.

4. Visit a showroom

Visiting a showroom is extremely helpful for numerous different reasons. For one, it can be a source for inspiration with all the model displays and products. On another hand, it allows you to add an extra sensory element to your ideas as you are able to experience in person how the material feels, what it looks like upon closer inspection or even how the doors sound when they close. What is especially helpful is seeking information from one of the in-store consultants. Consequently, you can receive direct feedback for what you’re planning to do, answers to inquiries you haven’t yet been able to resolve and even look into the next step for your home project.

If you’re looking to start a kitchen remodel or install a fresh kitchen into a new home, QN Designs showroom in Malaga is a wonderful place to start to begin your renovation journey. Pop in for a casual chat with one of our experienced designers at 1914 Beach Road, or alternatively give us a call at 9249 9492.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens