DIY Renovation Case Study

This layout breakdown is for Range 1 Cabinetry and standard options.

The Plumbing Store

1. Two-Door Overhead Fridge Cabinet – $270 + GST
2/3. Two-Door Overhead Cabinet – $ 274 + GST each
4. One-Door Overhead Cabinet – $214 + GST
5. Pre-finished Open Shelf Overhead – $274 + GST
6. Pre-finished Corner Open Shelf Overhead – $433 + GST
7/8. 2 Door Overhead Cabinet – $274 + GST each
9. Two-Door Base Sink Cabinet – $353+GST

10. One-Door Base Cabinet w/ Pull-out Bin – $699 + GST
11. 700mm Wide 3 Drawer Set Cabinet – $577 + GST
12. 450mm Wide 4 Drawer Set Cabinet – $480 + GST
13/15. Two-Door Base Cabinet – $353 + GST each
14. Oven Box with Drawer – $433 + GST
16. Two-Door Base Cabinet – $353 + GST
17. One-Door Base Cabinet – $274 + GST

Finishing Panels: $1,298 + GST
Handles: $240 + GST

Total: $7,700 + GST

+10% for assembled cabinet

“We found the process really easy. We looked at Ikea and Kaboodle and a couple of other solutions and since we had quite a complicated layout in our kitchen, none of them were really working for us. So when we came to QN Designs, the whole process was very straightforward and easy. From when we actually confirmed fabrication, to when the cabinets were ready to be installed, super quick process. We are very happy with how it’s turned out, it’s fantastic. For us, even though it’s a smaller kitchen, it was ten times an easier process doing it this way than going down the Ikea or Kaboodle route which was also a very similar price point, a very competitive price in the DIY style. It’s got a better finish too, so for us, it made it a lot easier.”
Lauren Hart

Custom Flat Pack Made to Your Liking

At QN Designs we also custom fabricate Stone Bench Tops to go with our DIY Cabinetry. To learn more about how our DIY Options can help you with your home renovation project, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly designers.

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