Sculleries – Taking your Dinner Parties to the Next Level

My mother dreads hosting dinner parties or great family gatherings at home, she absolutely abhors it. One reason for this is associated with the considerable effort that is associated with the grand task, which is only exacerbated by the layout of our kitchen and the lack of bench space we have. It starts to become a game of Tetris when you’re trying to fit your prep work, your cooking utensils, your serving plates and your dirty dishes in this very limited area.

This then brings about the second reason for why my dear mother hates being the host of these events – mess. It also doesn’t help that with the growing trend of open plan living that everyone from the dining room to the living room can see the oil splashing on the wall, the mountain of dirty plates piling in the sink and mother’s stressed-out expressions.

Maybe you have some sort of similar experience or maybe you never did because this was exactly what you feared would happen if you organised such an event in your own residence. Whether you’re big on entertaining your guests or just need some more space to work with, then maybe you should consider incorporating a scullery into your home and get on the trend that has been making a comeback in recent years.

What is a scullery?

A scullery is essentially like your secondary kitchen that can operate as a multi-purpose area to perform all your behind-the-scenes work to keep your central kitchen looking more like a showroom. On top of being an area where you can wash up and store the dirty dishes, it can hold many other benefits such as providing extra workspace for preparation, more storage or even house some of your appliances. A scullery is generally hidden from the central entertainment area of your home, which can end up being your main kitchen in many instances. This means that you can have your own My Kitchen Rules episode where you can conjure up some exciting meal surprises!

Types of sculleries

A scullery can take several forms:

Hidden scullery: which generally located behind a wall behind or beside the main kitchen away from the perspective of those located in the central dining or living area. Hidden sculleries are usually equipped with a sink and lengthy bench space.

Walk-in scullery: drawing on similarities from a walk-in pantry, this type of scullery is predominantly used for storage but also includes extra bench space too.

Screened-off scullery: this type of scullery is for the more budget-constrained families or individuals and involves using a folding door or a screen to section off parts of the main kitchen to provide for some extra privacy and to cover the sloppier parts of your cooking process.

Can I include a scullery in my home?

Including a scullery in your home can have an abundance of lifestyle benefits as extra space can always be handy. At QN Designs Kitchens, we can help bring these interests to fruition in a flexible manner as we are even able to integrate these plans during or after your renovation project! We at QN Designs can assist by finding a layout that is suited to your needs while also best utilising the space that your home offers. If you’ve had a similar experience to the one outlined above, if you love to hold dinner parties at your home, if your kitchen is the hub of the house when guests are around or if all of the above apply to you then feel free to talk to one of our design consultants. Visit us at our showroom on 1914 Beach Rd Malaga or call us at 9249 9492. Alternatively, come around to our head office at 1/18 Boag Place, Morley and we’ll help you give your next renovation project an extra functional dimension through the incorporation of sculleries!

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens