QN Designs Kitchen Renovation Planning Guide – Step by Step

The more expensive a purchase is, the longer the mental decision-making process. This is most definitely the case for a kitchen renovation which is a huge investment not only for the functionality of one’s life, but also to the asset value of one’s home too. At the same time however, we are frugal creatures and we would like to make the most out of these investments while spending as little as possible. Thus, in this instalment of QN Designs exclusive blog series, we’re going to be giving you all a framework to not only help you start thinking about how to squeeze out as much value out of your renovation investment through careful planning. We’ll also tell you how QN Designs can help you at each of these steps along the way so that you don’t have to waste any more of your precious time going through complex decision-making procedures and so you can enjoy a new kitchen as soon as possible.

1.     Know your budget

We’ve previously touched upon some key considerations before undergoing a kitchen renovation in a previous blog in which you can find here. From there, we’re going to reiterate the importance of knowing your budget from a very early stage when planning for your renovation. To maintain the asset value of one’s home, industry experts have claimed that a kitchen renovation should cost about 10% of the property price. This is a reliable starting figure to guide yourself if this is your first time undergoing renovations.

Knowing your budget not only means understanding what kind of price point you’re willing to spend for the investment, but it also means knowing where all the other costs involved in a kitchen renovation can come from as well as being prepared for it. Know that there may be costs not only associated with the supply of your materials, but also for their installation too if you’re not going down the DIY route as well as the costs of any utility works that may be involved. This may include plumbing, roof support, electrical rewiring, demolition and delivery.

How can QN Designs help: After you complete the four steps of preparation and planning outlined in this blog, QN Designs can help you understand the price of varying design ideas that you have which includes the costs of all the additional utilities as well as options on how you can save. Please see this link for more details on our free design consultation and quotation. Additionally, QN Designs works closely with many of its suppliers such as Fisher & Paykel, Blanco, Silestone and more to help you get more affordable deals for the leading products in the industry.

2.     Know what you need


From our previous blog, we also noted that an important question to consider is “what about your current kitchen do you like or dislike?” This helps one to prioritise the key changes that you’d like to enact in your renovation when constrained by financial and spatial boundaries.

Some different aspects that you want to think about for your current kitchen may include storage – do you have enough room to comfortably place all your pots, pans, plates and bowls? Remember that a kitchen renovation is a long-term investment and that you may consider the possibility of having kids in the future, meaning that extra allowances for lunchboxes, Tupperware and snacks may prove beneficial.

Other aspects include functionality and efficiency. Think about how long it takes for you to dig through your stack of pans in the corner cabinet to find the right size. Think about whether the cause of your aching back is due to your constant bending over to use the under-bench oven. What actions or parts of your kitchen do you find troublesome to work with?

How can QN Designs help: Our professional design consultants can assist in helping you consider all the different aspects of your current kitchen that you’d like to retain or alter. They can also provide expert advice to help you prioritise these changes while considering your budget and lifestyle. To talk to one of our professionals, call 9249 9492.

3.     Know what you want

It’s good to think of a kitchen renovation not merely as a chore that needs to be done in order to clean up the house, but instead as a fun project that you can personally own and produce. As a result, let all your creative juices run free with inspiration that can be found at the click of a button. The internet is a library of beautiful works and jobs from all around the world, so don’t hold back in delving deep into Pinterest or Instagram.

While taking into account the essential needs of your kitchen identified from the previous step, you can think about how you want to embellish, decorate or style the exterior or how you can layout your cabinetry. Plus, you can look into the newest tech for your appliances which may be in dire need of an upgrade.

How can QN Designs help: QN Designs has two showrooms in the Perth metro area that have numerous kitchen displays and layouts in which one can see first-hand. Each features a different colour scheme and sports varying storage options for you to explore a range of design options. Visit our Malaga showroom at 1914 Beach Road or our Morley head office at 1/18 Boag Place. Additionally, see our gallery of past jobs and inspirational looks here.

4.     Know your measurements

After knowing your monetary limitations, your essentials and your desires, it’s time for you to know your spatial boundaries. If you’re unconfident or if it’s your first time, feel free to check out our how-to video below where we teach you how to measure and plot your kitchen dimensions. Doing a self-measure has a number of benefits as for one, it allows you to start thinking realistically about what can be included in your renovation, what kind of compromises you have to make and the different ways you can change the layout of the room. Additionally, if you’re thinking of having a professional to provide you with a design, they may charge you for coming out for a home site measurement. It can save you time and money for having the numbers already at hand for them to work with.

How can QN Designs help: QN Designs can help with a free design consultation and quotation with our professional kitchen designers. Once again, see this link for more details. During this home visit, one of our professional design consultants will be available for you to discuss your findings from any of the previous steps. Our consultants are always happy to provide you with our expert advice to give you the most rewarding renovation outcome.