Kitchen Trends 2022 to Excite Your Home

Looking to change up your kitchen but do not know where to start? Are you wondering what are the trendiest options for kitchens these days? Good news! We are going to outline the best kitchen trends in 2022 for you to consider when designing your new home kitchen. We’ll cover everything from colours to new innovations in the kitchen design that will fill your head with new ideas.


The use of bold colours in kitchen design is a popular kitchen trend in 2022, allowing something that will stand out and make your kitchen unique yet pleasing to the eye. Black and white are timeless colours, with many kitchens utilising the colour scheme, recently more unique colours such as Navy, Emerald and Plum have seen their fair share of use in kitchen designs within the year. Utilising bold colours will enable your kitchen to have a more modern look and boost the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Especially if it is the meeting point of your house, you will definitely leave an unforgettable experience with your new kitchen.

A few pointers for you to follow when designing your kitchen around a Bold Colour scheme are:

  1. Strong colours must be accented with a contrasting colour, in order to create a dark-light colour variation within the kitchen itself, allowing the strong colours to be muted by the lighter colour but still remain noticeable and part of the main kitchen design.

  2. Lighting your kitchen up, whether it be with LED strips or lightbulbs or the ever-so-trendy integrated lamp options, will help with the contrast of the kitchen. A warmer, a more ambient light colour will help to introduce a homely feel into your kitchen. These lights can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen, under cabinets, overheads and even under counters.

  3. You can also change the colour composition of your kitchen by altering the flooring to a lighter wood finish, the use of bright tiles or even porcelain flooring is a current trend that will definitely make your kitchen unique and aid the colour contrast. Also, the option of a very trendy accented rangehood can break up the monotony of your kitchen. Having your rangehood be decorated in either a metal finish, clad in wood and more will enable it to be a more integrated part of your kitchen rather than with a stainless steel rangehood or being hidden away with a mount rangehood.


Wooden kitchen

Another popular 2022 kitchen trend seeing its way into homes is the Natural Organic Style, in which the kitchen utilises options such as woods and other plant-based materials that are complimented with a stone benchtop to tie everything together and make your kitchen look cohesive as well as unique. Incorporating materials such as bamboo, or rattan within your kitchen helps to accentuate this style and overall will make your kitchen the talk of the town.

Wooden finished cabinets are a perfect example of the Natural Organic style, by themselves these cabinets are popular 2022 kitchen trends for many kitchens and when implemented, they will make your kitchen the talk of the town. Newer style woods such as rift cut alder, oak or maple will brighten up your kitchen and is a refreshing take on darker woods commonly used in most kitchens. The lighter wood cabinets are complimented with a predominantly lighter coloured splashback/countertop combination, such as a light grey giving the impression that the kitchen is more spacious than it actually is, which is a huge mood booster to know that you are not going to be working in a “cramped” kitchen.


There are many new innovative ideas that you can incorporate into your next home kitchen. These unique, creative elements to your kitchen will ensure that they are the talk of the town.

Kitchen Cabinets:

A popular fresh change to the way that people design their overhead kitchen cabinets is to install them all the way up so that they touch the ceiling. Doing so allows for you to have more storage space for plates, cups, appliances and other items in those cabinets while also raising the kitchen to give the room a taller appearance. It also spaces the kitchen out to give it a more spacious feel. A popular option when doing this is to give the overheads a glass front and a backlight in order to display art/decorative pieces which can positively break up the look of the top half of your kitchen, introducing new décor and a chance for you to display what you want.

If you want a contemporary look to your kitchen, go for handleless kitchen cabinets. The minimalist, graceful, sleek lines offer a modern vibe to your kitchen. Furthermore, handless kitchens are safer than those with handles. As there are no handles, you won’t bump into them, nor will it catch your clothing while you walk in your kitchen, possibly when handling hot food.

Double Island:

Double Kitchen Island

A double island design is an extremely popular 2022 kitchen trend. Depending on what you want to do with them, the islands can be positioned to reflect that. Stacking the islands like a T and varying the height allows you to have a larger preparation space and also eliminates the need for a standalone dining table as the height of the second island can be varied in order to convert it into a dining table. Or if you do need more space you could opt to have the two islands parallel to each other and have them become two big spaces for preparation or other needs. The bases of the islands can be converted to cabinets as well, which also creates more storage space for you.

All Matte Design:

An all-matte kitchen ensures that you have the trendiest kitchen in the neighbourhood. All matte is already a unique look that will get heads turning. One benefit of having a matte finish is the easy-to-clean surfaces that the matte provides, and the overall texture allows for a softer finish on both the hands and the eyes. A more tonal colour for your matte kitchen such as a grey will ensure that the kitchen will look like a modern room, as matte is a more contemporary material you can choose this option if you would want to have a unique modern kitchen aesthetic.

Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves are one of the stylish design solutions. It is easy to install them on any wall to create valuable storage in a room without visual clutter. It is easier to store frequently used items on the shelf; instead of heaping them in cabinets. Floating shelves can create storage space in places where it may not be possible to store items otherwise. With the modest yet functional design, floating shelves can be helpful in any room.

Kitchen Countertop:

A quartz countertop is more complex, which makes it more durable than marble and granite. It is non-porous and stain-resistant, so it substantially lowers maintenance time and effort. Quartz slabs for kitchens are available in diverse texture and colour options than granite. Top quartz kitchen countertop manufacturing brands include Caesarstone, Q-Stone, Smartstone, Essastone and Silestone.

Kitchen Flooring:

Tile Flooring: A kitchen is a busy place where you will see a lot of footfall and occasionally messy accidents. Tiles are robust and water resistant, and are easier to clean. They are also more durable than vinyl, laminate and hardwood.

Wood Flooring: Hardwood provides a more comfortable flooring surface than more complex materials, such as ceramic tile and stone. However, it is a harder material than more resilient flooring materials, like cork and vinyl.

Laminate Flooring: Laminate can imitate the look of tile or hardwood and is a more affordable option. The surface withstands stains and scratches and cleaning it is easy. If your kitchen witnesses the frequent footsteps of your kids and pets, then laminate flooring may be the right solution for your kitchen.

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