2020 Kitchen Renovation Trends to Look Out For


2020 is here and with the new year as well as the new decade, you may finally be considering that kitchen renovation which you’ve had on the backburner for quite some time. However, its been so long since you’ve even thought about doing one that you’ve lost all sense of what is new, chic and timeless. If this is you, then stress no further. In this blog episode by QN Designs, we’ll be running you through some of the latest design trends of 2020 as well as some of the kitchen renovation features that are here to stay and here to last.

Sleek & Minimal

There’s just something about having clean, straight lines consistently throughout the room that just really tickles our aesthetic senses, or our OCD senses. The modern look is all about having sharp distinctions between the features of the room which at the same time looks tidy and organised.

It provides a sense of simplicity to contrast with the busyness and growing complexities within our lives. A room that is easy on the eyes helps to relax the mind and the soul. Hence, streamlined walls of cabinetry or rectangular stone benchtops with square edges has been on the rise.

The style has also been accompanied lately with having doors that operate without handles. With the introduction of push-to-open technologies over the previous years or grooving in the edges of the doors, the absence of handles is becoming more and more commonplace.


Another decade passed is an indication of our further advancement into the future and as a result of this, the appliances and technology that we use in our kitchen renovation should represent these times in 2020. With not only the capability of impressing all guests who enter your home, the primary goal of innovation nowadays is to make our lives easier.

Gas cooktops are out, get yourself the latest induction cooktop that has its own in-built fan to collect all the fumes rather than having a colossal unit of a canopy hanging from the wall. Out is the need to set up a separate timed alarm, a digital home assistant such as Alexa or the Google Home can help if you only just ask it! You can also feel like you’re at Changi airport with its sophisticated bathroom fixtures by having no-touch faucets to clean your hands and dishes.

Wood Textures

Even as time goes by, we always seem to feel a sense of nostalgia especially when it comes to wooden tones. As much as we love glossy, single-coloured palettes in our interior designing, we can’t deny how attractively warm and homely the grainy wooden look feels. Whether it’s because it evokes a sense of getaway to a holiday cabin or if it’s because it reminds us of a toasty espresso in a quaint coffeeshop, wooden textures are an eternally beautiful style for all.

As of late, the design community has seen a rise in the experimenting of darker wooden tones. Black has been paving over the prominently white colour preferences in the home and this is also the case with our natural textures too. While keeping your kitchen timelessly stylish in terms of the natural graining, you can also add a contemporary feel by darkening the base to have yourself an invitingly risqué design.

Open Shelving

Keeping all your precious chinaware and tea sets inside a glass cabinet? It’s quite a traditional look nowadays. The modern layout is about keeping the place open, while also being neat and organised. Shelving units do a great job of giving your kitchen some character while also adhering to these trends.

Of course, what you decide to place on those shelves also can either improve the overall aesthetic of your room or degrade it. Wooden tones can be complemented effortlessly with the greenery of pot plants. Using glass jars or plain ceramic containers to house your spices, seasoning or ingredients can also help to conform to the modern look as they help to reduce the visual disturbances of labels and unnecessary colours. Contemporary styles, despite enjoying open-living styles, also prioritise simplicity.

Porcelain Benchtops

Like we said before, as 2020 shows another step into the future, the showcasing of newer and newer technologies is something we should proudly display. Porcelain benchtops are representatives of the ever-improving technological capabilities of man. They feature more special characteristics that can make its use in the kitchen even more functional and durable.

One example of these benchtop types is Dekton by Cosentino. With its UV resistance, it stands the test of time within the presence of the sun as discolouration is no longer a fear. They are also widely temperature-resistant too, meaning that you can take a pan straight off the heat and place it on the table without being afraid that the benchtop will crack. Furthermore, with Dekton you can enjoy all the defining features of stone such as stain-resistance, impact-resistance and scratch-resistance. If you want to find out more about what Dekton is and what it can do, check out our previous blog about it here.

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By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens