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How to improve the layout of your kitchen

The easiest way to improve the look and layout of your kitchen is by having enough storage space, which can be done by installing custom kitchen cabinetry, updating kitchen cabinet doors, and custom cabinet finishes.

By removing the clutter from around your kitchen and putting it into your new cabinets, you make your space clean, sleek, and one of your favourite rooms in your home.

Updating cabinets for kitchen appliances and kitchen drawers will:

  • Improve functionality

  • Open up the space

  • Improve the look of your kitchen

If you’re wondering how to renovate custom cabinetry Perth, follow our simple process and get in contact with a QN Designs professional.

Custom made cabinets from high-quality Australian materials and products


Kitchen cupboards & cabinets

Use your space efficiently and have a place to put all of your kitchen appliances with highly functional kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Find a solution to your kitchen storage wars with our completely customisable cabinets that will suit your style and budget. Customise your cupboards and cabinets to:

  • Improve your kitchen layout
  • Add more storage space
  • Suit any style and design of kitchen
  • Suit your budget

Kitchen drawers

Re-organise your kitchen and increase its usability with QN Designs’ brilliant looking kitchen drawers. Our drawers are highly customisable to suit any kitchen and budget. Keep your kitchen practical and say goodbye to disorganised mess. Our drawers are:

  • Easy-close and soft-close capabilities
  • Designer and durable
  • Able to be organised with compartments.
  • Able completely reorganise your kitchen.
  • Able to be customised with different handles
  • Completely customisable with a range of colours and styles.

Storage solutions

If you have a corner cabinet with a section that is hard to reach, our solutions will make sure you can always get to it with ease. If your cabinets are too high, our shelving lift systems can make them more accessible at the push of a button. Our storage solutions include:

  • Deep corner compartment solutions
  • Ability to make your storage more accessible
  • Organised and neat kitchen storage

Elevated kitchen layout designs, ideas and trends

No matter the kitchen design style you want, and no matter the kitchen storage option you need, QN Designs will be able to facilitate your vision so that you can have the most functional dream space you could imagine.

From base cabinets, tall kitchen cabinets, to cabinets with drawers and doors, we can match it to your design. Some kitchen cabinet designs we work with include:

  • Everyday classic design
  • Modern design
  • Traditional design
  • Hamptons design
  • Luxury design
  • Coastal design
  • Minimalistic design

Get your cabinetry materials sourced from the most reliable local suppliers and brands

QN Designs for over 15 years has worked hard to form relationships with the best local suppliers and brands at the best possible price. This means you can access high quality and local products for a fraction of the normal cost, and you know where it came from.

Explore our stunning kitchen showroom

QN Designs cabinet makers Malaga showroom is considered by our suppliers as one of the top Kitchen Showrooms in Perth, and is your one-stop-shop for your cabinetry project.

Step into 7 unique kitchen displays ranging from: Modern, to Hamptons, to Industrial style kitchens. You’ll also find functional kitchen appliances, entertainment units and flooring products.

By stepping into our kitchen showroom, you can:

  • Get an idea and feel for what your cabinetry will look like
  • Assess the quality of our product
  • See where your kitchen cabinetry project will be made
  • Gain trust in the people that are responsible for your dream space

How to take the first step to installing your new kitchen cabinetry

When designing your kitchen and setting out a plan for your kitchen cabinetry, there’s no online guide that will give you a better idea than a professional.

From the size of your family to your style choice, the design of your kitchen will change depending on your needs.

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best quality kitchen cabinets?

The best quality kitchen cabinets are the ones that are designed to your needs and specifications. For a service that will listen to you, book a free consultation with QN Designs so you can get the best cabinets and drawers in Perth.

How to renovate kitchen cabinets?

If you want to renovate your kitchen cabinets the best thing to do is to see a custom cupboard and cabinet specialist. QN Designs has free showroom walkthroughs and design consultations so you can get up close with your kitchen cupboard doors and kitchen cupboard materials.

How to update kitchen cabinets?

You can update your kitchen cabinets by booking a free design consultation with QN Designs. We can discuss all of your kitchen drawers designs and kitchen designs in Perth, so you know what you are getting.

Need expert advice or help with starting your cabinetry project?

Book a free consultation to discuss your cabinetry ideas and budget for a quality home renovation suited to your budget.

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  • iconQuick turnaround, minimal disruption
  • iconFriendly and personalised experience
  • iconLocally sourced materials

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