Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That Makes Cooking Effortless | Part 1

It’s like having a jarred finger. You cuss to yourself when you notice the inconvenience that it will occasionally bring you whether it be a short shock of pain or stiff inflexibility, but otherwise you don’t usually notice it. These annoyances can keep building up until one day you wish you could just rip that finger off.

This can be what it’s like in the kitchen when you have to get on your knees and dive headfirst into your corner cabinetry to find the right lid for that pot that you’re using. This can be what it’s like when you open the cupboard door to throw that banana peel into the bin under the sink but miss entirely. This can be what it’s like when you come home with some fresh groceries, but you’ve got to play Tetris with your storage to fit everything in.

When it reaches that point where you just want to tear out your existing cabinets and have yourself a renovation to make your life easier, QN Designs is here to help you out. In this series by QN Designs, we’ll walk you through some of our marvellous cabinet gadgets that can save you time and bring you comfort. For our very first chapter, we will look at how a pull-out tandem pantry accessory can make finding ingredients or packing away your groceries in the kitchen easier than ever.

Pull-Out Tandem Pantry

Do you ever do a spring-cleaning session and when you get to the kitchen pantry you end up pulling out an alarming number of expired items from the very dark back corners of the shelves? Do you find it extremely troublesome to grab a chair to stand upon every time you want to see if what you’re looking for is at the back of one of the higher shelves of your cabinet?

It sounds like you need one of these pull-out tandem accessories for your pantry. With an aesthetically futuristic opening mechanism, all your groceries and items that you’ve stored will be on full display with greatly increased accessibility. Avoid the five-minute search for the paprika with a much-improved visibility of your storage or have the view completely unobstructed by having your most commonly used items located on the door shelving.

Not only do you have extra storage space through its attachment to the door, but the shelves operate on a roll-out mechanism when you open the pantry! This way, you don’t have to perform an acrobatic reach into the back of the pantry every time you want to have pasta night. Save yourself from playing the claw machine game with your groceries and save yourself some time with our pull-out tandem accessory for our pantry cupboard!

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By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens