Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That Makes Cooking Effortless | Part 5

It’s the final chapter of our incredible innovation inspiration mini-series! If this is this first of the series that you’ve stumbled across, these are the blogs where we from QN Designs bring you on a tour through some of the most practical and the useful inventions and contraptions that make your life in the kitchen more manageable. If you haven’t before had a look at our previous blogs, it is never too late!

Our first post here talks about optimising storage space and utility with a modern pantry system, here discusses an organised way to fit all your seasoning and condiments with the pull-out spice racks, here is an ingenious way to make better use of dead corners with lazy Susan’s and lastly, add extra hidden storage to your kitchen through this sneaky trick here.

Now, it’s time to introduce our last kitchen cabinet accessory. We’ve thus far explored cabinet attachments that have optimised the use of storage and assisted in the cooking process. In this blog, we’ll review a contraption that can assist with cleaning the mess at the end of the day. See below for how a pull-out bin can make a difference to your experience in the kitchen.

Pull-Out Bin


With a large family, you may find yourself having to for the third time this week tying up the trash bag to toss out again. Save yourself those hassles by including a pull-out bin unit into your home which not only drastically increases your rubbish capacity, but it makes replacing the rubbish bag and throwing out trash hugely easier. No longer do you need to perform a gym squat to pull up the rubbish bag and no longer will you have to worry about your rubbish overflowing so often. Using a ball-bearing runner system, the bin is integrated into a cabinet unit which means that it is seamlessly accessible by pulling out the door.

The metallic ball-bearing runners when partnered with a sleek silver bin can improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. With the face of the pull-out having the same profile look as the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, it provides a stream-lined and clean look as opposed to having an external bin taking up floor space in the middle of the room.

The option of having two bins in this pull-out unit also gives you the chance to easily recycle and help with the community’s waste management. With the overload of environmental damage and toxic chemicals entering our landfills, it is becoming evermore imperative that we are conscious of where our rubbish is going. Having a convenient recycling system in the home drastically helps in this endeavour, as both bins are easily accessible for optimal waste separation.

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By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens