Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That Make Cooking Effortless | Part 4

We’re back at it again with another part to our series where we reveal some of the niftiest kitchen cabinetry tools and designs to make your cooking life just that little bit more convenient. If you haven’t yet managed to check out our previous chapters of this series, please make sure to go and do so. To see how modernising your pantry can not only add aesthetics to your kitchen, but also optimised functionality and storage, see our article on the pull-out tandem here. For the spice and seasoning enthusiasts in the kitchen, see how a pull-out spice rack can be integrated into the smallest of spaces here. Finally, if you want to save yourself from a bad back and save yourself time in searching for the right pot, see how a lazy Susan can help here.

This week, we’ll be looking at how you can make a supposedly miniature-looking kitchen seem like it has it has the capacity of a walk-in storeroom. Stealth and furtiveness is what makes this cabinet design special as it makes your guests widen their eyes and hail “I didn’t even know that was there!” Read on to find out about hidden storage or otherwise known as the secret cabinets or magic doors.

Hidden Storage

The problem of not having enough storage in the kitchen is one that prevails even to this day. No matter how hard you look or try to rearrange your current inventory, there’s just not enough room, some things just don’t belong together, or it looks too clunky. Is there possibly any place where I can subtly hide my miscellaneous things?

If you have a kitchen island or a breakfast bar, then you may be in luck. With a push-to-open mechanism rather than handles, these storage options may rescue you from your woes. Hiding in plain sight, these pieces of kitchen cabinetry are masters of solving your storage problems by being mere attachments to the back of your main cupboards. From afar they are cute decorative panels, but when opened, they are homes to your overflow of stuff.

If you are worried that it will turn your island bench or breakfast bar into one very bulky block that will make detract from the visual appeal of your overall kitchen, then rest assured. These hidden storage units are extremely flexible additions to your cabinetry as they can have a depth size of less than 300 millimetres. With a couple of adjustable shelves to top it off, they become one of the handiest and most sneaky cabinetry accessories to ever exist.

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By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens