Kitchen Cabinet Accessories That Make Cooking Effortless | Part 2

QN Designs is back again with another part to our mini-series that gives you a tour of all the gimmicks, gizmos and gadgets that can make your life in the kitchen a whole lot breezier. If you haven’t got a chance to take a look at our first part in which we talked about the benefits of our pull-out tandem pantry, then just click the link here!

In this instalment of “Kitchen Cabinet Accessories that Makes Cooking Effortless,” we’ll introducing you to the under-appreciated spice rack, who provides more than just a holding place for your condiments and seasoning. We’ll show you how having this innovative solution in your kitchen can save you time, effort and frustration which is all we really want in the never-ending rush-hour in our lives, isn’t it?

Spice Rack


When you’re doing some Jamie Oliver-inspired cooking, you might find yourself trying to figure out where your ground cumin went or where you last put the garlic powder. You might find yourself having to take out all your other condiments and spices in the pantry or corner cupboard before eventually finding that it was hidden behind everything else in one of your kitchen cupboards.

Look no further than the lifesavers that spice racks are. Not only can they be installed in the smallest of cabinet, but they provide a level of functionality that you might have never knew you needed. You can now save yourself the hide and seek troubles while showing off your beautiful line of spices and sauces through a simple pull-out system.

With the pull-out system of the spice rack, you can find yourself in the middle of some intense stir-fry before you realised you forgot to season your meal. With one hand continuing to cook up a storm, you can manoeuvre your hand to opening up the spice rack right beside you to grab the salt and pepper in absolutely no time.

Once again, you don’t have to break out your acrobatic stretches to reach to the back of the cupboard anymore, nor do you have to stick your head into the deepest corner of your cabinets. This is one mechanical gadget that you don’t want to miss out on when you go about your renovation.

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By Jacky Lu, QN Designs