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Why you can’t keep your old benchtop forever

Is your benchtop the centre of attention in your kitchen because of how run-down it is? Don’t let people remember your kitchen for all the wrong reasons. Do yourself and your guests a favour and elevate your kitchen design with a brand new kitchen benchtop from QN Designs.

By renovating your kitchen with QN Designs, you will make sure that your renovation process will be stress free, and that your benchtop is as beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean as you’ve always wanted.

The greatest benchtops for whatever your kitchen style might be

View our range of beautifully designed and elegant kitchen stone benchtops, including engineered stone, granite, and laminate.


Engineered stone benchtops Perth

Our engineered stone benchtops are made by crushing natural stone, which is then glued together with a strong adhesive. This means that our non-porous benchtops have all of the elegance and durability of natural strone, but are easy-to-clean and maintain.

Granite benchtops Perth

No two cuts of granite are the same, so if you want a completely customisable benchtop that is truly unique, look no further than this stunning and hard-working material.


Laminate benchtops Perth

With a laminate benchtop you can have a stunningly beautiful benchtop that looks just like real stone or wood, but at a fraction of the cost. Though not as durable as real stone, you will be surprised at just how impressively a laminate benchtop will perform. On top of being very affordable, laminate benchtops are also a breeze to install and can be done very quickly.

Trends and inspiration for your custom kitchen benchtop design

The design of your benchtop will depend on the design and style choice for the rest of your kitchen. With your kitchen benchtop ideas in mind, our experts can help you explore the right kitchen benchtop colour ideas, style and design that will enhance your overall space. Or, choose from a wide range of popular kitchen benchtop designs include:

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Everyday classic design
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Modern design
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Traditional design
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Hamptons design
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Luxury design
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Coastal design
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Minimalistic design

How to choose the right kitchen benchtop for your lifestyle

When choosing which benchtop you would like, you need to evaluate the following:

  • Your family needs
  • Your budget
  • Your kitchen design and style

If you’re still not sure, consider speaking to one of our kitchen design specialists. In a free design consultation, we’ll listen to your needs and provide you with a number of recommendations that best suit your needs, while improving the functionality and style of your kitchen.

High quality materials at a lower cost to you

QN Designs has been working hard for over 15 years to partner with the best local and international suppliers, to bring you high quality materials at the lowest possible cost.

Explore our stunning kitchen showroom

QN Designs Kitchens Malaga Showroom is considered by our suppliers as one of the best Kitchen Showrooms in Perth and is your one-stop-shop for your kitchen renovation project. To view any of our laminate, granite, or engineered stone benchtops in Malaga, get in contact with us.

Step into 7 unique kitchen displays ranging from Modern to Hamptons to Industrial style kitchens.

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace kitchen benchtops

No two benchtop projects will cost the same amount because there are no two benchtops that are the same. Depending on your budget, your material, your size, and speed that you need your benchtop installed, your final cost will vary. However, on average a new benchtop will cost between $1,000 to $1,800.

How to clean stone kitchen benchtops

The best way to clean a stone benchtop is to regularly wipe it down with warm, soapy water and remove the residue so there are no streaks.

How to measure kitchen benchtops

There is no clear cut way to measure your benchtop because no two benchtops are the same. The best thing to do is to hire a professional so that you can be sure it is being installed the right way.

How to update kitchen benchtops

If you want to update your kitchen benchtop, the first step you should take is to book a free consultation with QN Designs. Once you have your consultation and we eventually agree on your benchtop specifications, we can carry out the project.

How to renovate kitchen benchtops

Sure, if you want to renovate your kitchen benchtop, you can watch hours of back catalogue from DIY Youtube channels. But the best thing to do is to book a QN Designs free consultation and let the professionals handle it.

Need expert advice or help with starting your renovation project?

Book a free consultation to discuss your renovation ideas and budget for a quality home renovation suited to your budget.


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