Is Dekton the Perfect Benchtop?

When you’re thinking of buying a benchtop, what do you consider the most important features? Surely, durability is one of the more important aspects that you’d think about, especially if it’s for a home that you plan to stay in long into the future. However, the concept of durability in the subject of benchtops is basically just an umbrella term because of the extensive number of factors that the benchtop needs to be protected from. You have scratches, abrasions, heat, thawing, UV rays, hydrolysis, combustion and many more factors. Now imagine a benchtop that is resistant to all of these things while also looking like a visual masterpiece at the same time. Actually – don’t imagine anymore, because it already exists in the form of Dekton.

What is Dekton?


Dekton is a culmination of 25 natural minerals which include those that exist in glass, porcelain and quartz to create a surface that integrates the perks and assets of each ingredient. Created by Cosentino®, whom are also responsible for the Silestone quartz surfaces range, Dekton is their latest product line in decorative surfaces which combines decades of industry experience and knowledge as well as the most innovative technologies. Of these includes a press that exerts 25,000 tonnes onto the manufactured slabs as well as a conveyor belt that carries such slabs through 80 metres of 1200 degrees Celsius.


Why should I consider Dekton?


The immense amount of physical pressure that each slab is exposed to alongside the carefully selected blend of materials allows for zero-porosity and a riddance of micro-defects, which lead to an extraordinary number of helpful features, while looking like an art piece fit for a gallery display. For one, Dekton benchtops and surfaces are heavily temperature-resistant, so you can leave a hot pan fresh off the stove on this surface without worry.

Dekton also withstands the blade as it sports a trusty scratch-resistance too, meaning that you can undergo your dinner preparations atop a mesmerizing stone-like canvas without the fear of ruining the paint (however, Cosentino® still recommends that one employs the use of a chopping board regardless for food safety reasons). In addition, something that is unavoidable at times is the menacing sun and its UV rays. With other benchtops, the fading of colour can be observed after long exposure to the sun but Dekton benchtops is happy to report that they are also UV resistant which makes for the possibility of indoor as well as outdoor use.

Dekton colours are available in many different ranges, to allow for large design flexibility. You can utilise solid colours for a smooth and sleek look. On the other hand, you can go for a patterned natural look in commemoration of the geological process that is implemented in its production. Check out the grey jutted veins that pervade the white marble-like look of the aura selection. Or, if you’re not a stone person and like the look of a quaint coffee shop with oak finishes better, take a look at the Dekton Wild range where the wooden grains and features are printed in a strikingly similar look to genuine timber. This varies between the snowy birch wood image of the makai colour to the dark captivating look of the borea selection.

Where can I use Dekton?


With so many incredible features that Dekton offers, it would be a disappointment if its application was only limited to a benchtop – and Cosentino has realised this and have thus offered its product for walls, floors and even washbasins. It is not only valuable in its practicality, but it is also aesthetically appealing. You can observe the extent and beauty of each use through the case studies available for view here, where Cosentino have worked to upgrade hotels, academies, showrooms and more.


Conclusion and Final Remarks


This versatile decorative surface can breathe new life into your kitchen or any room that you’d like to use this multifunctional slab for, and you do not need to spend an extra fortune for it either. In comparison with other products that are similar to Dekton such as engineered stone, the pricing is from only about 10% extra, depending on the colours.

Whether you’re interested or still not convinced, come and check out the full range of possible selections at the QN Designs Malaga showroom (2/1914 Beach Rd, Malaga) and have a talk with one of our sales staff for more information.

There are only a few manufacturers in Perth who are trained by Cosetino to fabricate Dekton and QN Designs is fortunate in being partnered with one of these select few. Our showroom displays the aura colour on one Dekton benchtop with an induction cook top and a sink, while our other exhibit shows a galley kitchen with the entzo selection atop an island with varying heights, as well as cabinets which are faced with the rustic industrial look of the keranium surface from Dekton’s Tech range.

If you’d like to know more about the pricing or other miscellaneous information about Dekton or Cosentino’s other ranges such as Silestone, either visit us at our showroom or call us at 9249 9492.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens