How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost – What’s in the Price?

Every decision that you make when undergoing a kitchen renovation has a price tag. Whether you want to include drawers, what sort of look or colour you fancy, how much space to add, what appliance brand to choose based on functionality and style– each of these will change the overall price of your project and as a result, it becomes meticulously complex to give one a completely comprehensive figure for how much your renovation should cost.

Despite that, there are some guiding figures that may help to give you a rough idea about what kind of budget you should be anchoring yourself around. A survey that was performed between 2017 and 2018 by the Housing Industry Association found that the average cost for a kitchen renovation in Australia was $21,132. Knowing that averages like these can very well be skewed by those who are willing to splurge their life savings on projects like these, other industry experts have claimed that a kitchen renovation should be valued at around 5-10% of your overall home value. Spending too little can run the risk of devaluing your property and spending too much can alternatively over-capitalise your home. If you want to see what kind of numbers this means for your own house, use our kitchen budget calculator on the right!

In reality, the price of your renovation is more than just a percentage of your home value. It is a function of many different variables and factors which all form your final decision. It’s therefore important that before undertaking this large-scale project, one is aware of these elements. This blog instalment by QN Designs is the first of a mini-series where we explore the expenses in a kitchen renovation. Today, we will be taking you some of these key variables which are significant in outputting the cost of your kitchen renovation so you can truly recognise what makes up the price. And if you haven’t already, head over to our previous blog where we talk about some key considerations before starting a renovation.


Your kitchen cabinets make up the bulk of your renovation, so it’s no surprise that they will thus make up a large portion of your budget. You can expect to spend around 50% of your budget on cabinetry alone when also considering appliances, benchtop, trades and touch-up as well. If you are going with a custom-designed kitchen, this will include the cost of materials, cutting and assembling. This number can very easily climb and grow depending on how many cabinets you are replacing, how many additional cabinets you are including. It can also depend on what kind of cabinets you are including too – the cost of a one-door, single-shelved cabinet is going to be significantly cheaper than a three-drawer unit of the same size. In light of this topic, it is important to bear in mind the quality of the material being used to create your cabinetry. At QN Designs, we use Australian-made MDF to ensure that our products are of the highest standards. If you would like to know more about these materials, visit our blog article here.


Benchtops and their price are themselves dependent upon many determinants. What material, what colour, how thick it is, how much countertop space is to be covered – these all can affect how much you pay for your benchtop. For an L-shaped kitchen, with a coverage of about 6 metres squared, a 20mm engineered stone benchtop can start from $2,300. This includes the supply of materials, cutting to size and polishing of edges. Any additions or upgrades such as waterfalls, premium range colours or larger coverage will inevitably incur extra costs. However, the benchtop is a vital aspect of the kitchen with its versatility and its addition to overall aesthetics and therefore should not be easily discounted for the sake of budget constraints.


The size of your kitchen will undoubtedly affect the overall expense of your renovation as it means that there will be more cabinets to be replaced and more benchtop space to be covered. For a small kitchen that is about eight to ten metres squared, the price for a renovation can very well be half the cost for a kitchen that is twenty to twenty-five metres squared.

Design Costs

If you are seeking guidance about how to go about the renovation process or prefer the help of professional experience, a kitchen designer or consultant may be involved. This can incur expenses related to initial consultations, measurements of the subject room, production of a computer-aided design and assistance in choosing colour schemes, appliances and other details. Some kitchen design consultants also support clients in the management of their overall project by working alongside trades to ensure that the process is hassle-free. Depending on the level of service provided by these consultants, the costs can start from a couple hundred dollars.


If you’re changing the room, you might consider retrieving some fresh new tech as well. Depending on your preferences, the price of your appliances can range based on brand and applicable features. If you are being budget-friendly you can find all your main appliances for about a grand, but this can grow very quickly once you start indulging yourself in prime European brands or some innovative designs and attributes. At QN Designs, we work closely with our leading suppliers such as Blanco, Whispair, Fisher & Paykel and more. As a result, when you undergo a project with QN Designs we can help to provide you with the best prices for appliances.


The level of installation service and its cost is contingent upon the size of the renovation as well as how much change needs to be implemented to the existing room. To begin with, there will need to be a stripping down of the original kitchen cabinets, the delivery of the pre-assembled cabinets (though this can be discounted if you are able to pick-up these cabinets yourself) and fixing these into their new appropriate places within the kitchen. Also, don’t forget that the benchtop must go through this process too. Then for any new light fixtures, relocated or additional power points an electrician will also need to be accounted for. For changes to gas cooktops, movement of the sink and dishwasher, a plumber will also have to join the installation team. If you are taking down walls, windows or doors then the help of demolition, gyprocking and touch-up should also be considered.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about kitchen renovation pricing and how much your own project would cost, contact QN Designs for direct assistance. Our qualified design consultants can help you to grasp a better idea of your project scope and budget as well as provide assistance with all the aspects of a renovation mentioned above. Visit us at our head office in Morley at 1/18 Boag Place or our showroom in Malaga at 1914 Beach Road. Otherwise contact us at our Morley offices at 9275 8253 or at our Malaga showroom at 9249 9492.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens