How a Kitchen Renovation Can Transform your Lifestyle!

You may or may not realize it, but the kitchen holds a large presence in your life and can drastically sway your lifestyle. Maybe the kitchen isn’t so child-friendly and your kids have to bring their plates over to the next room to eat, leaving little interaction between you and them. Maybe the space is so cramped that every time you and your partner want to cook together, the fun mood immediately crumbles when you continuously crash into each other.

No matter the way you live, a kitchen can significantly improve your lifestyle through convenience and comfort. Thus, QN Designs is here again, bringing to you another blog to present the lifestyle benefits from undergoing a kitchen renovation.

For Those With Kids

What does a day-to-day routine currently look like with your child? Maybe you wake them up and drop them off at school, picking them up about six hours later. Maybe they get home and lock themselves in their room until dinner time comes around where they devour the plate to rush back into their confines again, only to start the cycle again the next morning.

As children grow into their teens, some may begin to dread that they did not fully appreciate the time spent with their fleeting youth and may find themselves desiring that extra one-on-one time before they’ve upped and left the house for office jobs. How can we do this while we also have all the household responsibilities which includes trying to nourish the stomachs of all in the family?

One possible solution to this may be to install an island bench in your kitchen – a freestanding space atop cabinetry that can not only potentially optimise traffic flow and utility to a drastic extent but is also able to have your children be present in more than just one room in the house. Installing an island benchtop in your kitchen will change your household dynamics.

A well-crafted island bench space can hold an abundant of uses for your kids including as a breakfast bar in the morning so they can munch down their Weet-Bix and chat with you while you’re washing up and packing their lunch. It can function as their workspace for when they come home from school and have their afternoon tea while doing their assigned homework for the week. While amidst a kitchen renovation, let’s not forget that a whole new aesthetic makeover will be implemented too.

For Those Who Cook Together

Traditionally, the kitchen was designed to accommodate the work of a single person while their respective partner was out of the home performing the stereotypical office job. This lifestyle was supported by the golden triangle design format where the three main functions of a kitchen – the sink, cooktop and fridge – are placed as the vertices of a relatively small triangle so that access by the one person in the kitchen is easy.

Some like to employ work zones where the kitchen is divided into spaces dedicated for specific cooking activities such as a food preparation zone where all the necessary utensils and bench space is present or a specified baking area where the oven, baking trays and racks are supplied. On the other hand, simply employing two sinks or having a larger bench space allows couples and children to work on different tasks comfortably without bumping into each other or interfering with traffic flow.


Other Benefits

While so far, we’ve been concerned with the family aspect, let’s think about how this helps you in other aspects too. A kitchen renovation can help breathe new life, into your home while making it the central and most lively station of the house. As a result, you entertain your friends and family in a space that you will feel proud to call your own.

Pride in a product of your own, in addition, gives strong incentive for one to utilize and work with it more regularly. Furthermore, enjoying home cooked meals can help you keep your health goals in check.

On another note, while you complete your kitchen renovation, grant yourself some new premium appliances that can both save you some bills and make you environmentally friendly through technology’s growing energy efficiency.

At QN Designs, we can help you create that dream kitchen which is not only suited to you but also gives you all the lifestyle benefits to help you live comfortably. Whether you have kids, or you’d like to have romantic cooking sessions with your spouse, our consultants are always willing to provide you our best service to help you live your ideal home life. As always, if you’re inspired to start an excited home project or whether you have questions, queries or ideas contact us at 9249 9492 or visit us at our showroom at 1914 Beach Rd Malaga.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens