Choosing the Right Cabinet Maker for your Kitchen Renovation


If you’re undergoing a kitchen  renovation, the process of designing, installing and financing the project is already a hefty task in itself. But, to add to the workload there is another obstacle that needs to be overcome before you even make it to those points. If you’re looking to hire a cabinet maker for your kitchen renovation, then it may be an issue when deciding which cabinet maker is the right fit for you.

When searching for a suitable person or business to help with your renovation, it is highly probable that there are many results to filter through. It might then be useful to have some kind of a framework to help filter through the unsuitable fits, the unreliable contractors, the pricey bargains and the potentially distasteful experiences. In this blog, we will be giving you some key considerations and benchmarks to look out for when you’re looking for a cabinet maker to give your kitchen the renovation you’ve always dreamed about.

How’s their track record?

A quick google search can very quickly help to sieve through some of the amateurish or inexperienced kitchen cabinet makers. Its particularly useful to delve into how long they’ve been in business as the longer they’ve been around, the more confident you can be that the quality of their works has not only been distinguished for a consistent while, but has also improved due to their years of experience in the field and the ability to adapt to technological inefficiencies.

Another aspect to take into consideration involves their partnered and affiliated associations. For an example, if they are an accredited member of a builder’s association, then you can have greater faith in their credibility. This is also the case if they are close partners of major suppliers in the field.

The credibility of a kitchen cabinet maker can also be verified by viewing photos or videos of their previous jobs. Every cabinet maker should have a gallery of the renovations that they’ve brought to life. Never be afraid to ask a cabinet maker for their portfolio as it is tangible evidence of their reliability, their performance and their results.

What do they do?

Understanding the scope of the work that the kitchen cabinet maker provides will also help you to find a better fit for the kind of project that you want to undertake. When undergoing your general search, you should consider what kind of service they offer. Do they offer the cabinets fully assembled or as a flatpack? Do they offer benchtops as well as cabinetry? Do they provide installation services or is it merely just a supply-only service? Can they also assist with flooring? Can they help with sourcing appliances?

Another key factor to investigate is what kind of cabinetry material they provide. If the cabinetry is sourced from an overseas supplier, you may run the risk of having structural faults or safety hazards associated with the cabinetry that is eventually provided to you. Alternatively, having locally sourced material ensures that your cabinetry follows Australian standards and guidelines for its products.

How have previous experiences been?

Reviews, especially those that are dated back a while, can also enhance this confidence and provide an indication of how trustworthy the cabinet maker is. Rather than the price, consider understanding whether the process was smooth or had numerous difficulties along the way. If they’ve left a contact, you can inquire about how long the process took and whether information was easily attainable and transparent. The experience of the renovation, if distasteful, can very quickly leave a sour impression on the rest of the remodelling process and it is therefore integral that the cabinet maker chosen is easily communicable, efficient and organised.

See for yourself

If the kitchen cabinet maker has a showroom, it may well be worth it to go and pay the place a visit. Ensure that this happens after your preliminary research and googling as visiting a cabinet maker that doesn’t provide the exact services you want will be time-wasting and will only delay the start of your actual renovation.

Otherwise, when visiting the showroom don’t be afraid to get hands-on and get a real feel for the products. In addition, consulting a sales representative can help you to clarify any questions regarding their services as well as give you a feel for the type of communication that would entail should you wish to choose that cabinet maker. Good customer service with attention to detail and a willingness to provide explanation are all signs of a transparent communication channel, which can prove beneficial should any misunderstandings or obstacles occur along the way.

By Jacky Lu, QN Designs Kitchens