Kitchen Renovation - Before & After

Before - John & Belinda - East Victoria Park
After - John & Belinda - East Victoria Park

John & Belinda classic style home in East Vic Park before had a “U Shape” kitchen which closed off the kitchen from the dining and living area. We changed the layout of the kitchen to be an “L Shape” with a reasonably large island bench. Firstly, this new layout now connects the kitchen, dining, and living spaces together for family togetherness; and it draws in more light, which can make this space feel and look bigger.

The island bench is much more functional to use now as you can reach all around and access the usable bench space from any side. We’ve also moved the fridge away from the cooktop to allow more workbench space on each side of the free-standing cooker.

Before - Carol in Subiaco
After - Carol in Subiaco
Before - Roy & Meridee
After - Roy & Meridee
Before - Cam & Genna
After - Cam & Genna
Before - Lesley & Peter
After - Lesley & Peter
Before - Robert & Kathy
After - Robert & Kathy
Before - City Beach
After - City Beach

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