Our Story


A growing family business

QN Designs was founded by Vincent in 2005 starting out in the Morley showroom and workshop with the support of close family and friends. Initially in the beginning, all the cabinetry and finishes were all hand made and assembled by QN Designs’ cabinetmakers and stonemasons which was both very labour intensive and slow.

However, over the years we’ve managed to adapt and streamline our process by utilising the latest machinery and techniques in the industry to be more efficient while maintain a high quality standard that is expected by our clients. QN Designs’ growth has allowed transitioned.

Hard work and long hours has seen this small family business grow and we have now expanded and opened up the new Malaga showroom in August of 2017. This was only made possible with the support of over 1000 Perth families that have trusted us to transform their homes into a more liveable and beautiful space.

QN Designs recognises that the kitchen is a space that has now become not only the pivotal point of the home, but also one of the most significant parts of a modern family’s lifestyle. It’s a space where the family comes together for dinners and also space to entertain family and friends for special moments. When we design a kitchen, we design it with your family’s practical needs in mind while still focusing on developing a modern and natural aesthetics for the space.

The business philosophy has remains the same since inception – build beneficial long term relationships with our industry leading stone and panel suppliers to reduce the cost of the raw materials – which in turn provides our customers with a high quality product for a fair price. We custom design and build the kitchen all in-house to reduce the total project cost and timing for all our clients.

Exceeding our clients expectations by making their dream kitchens a reality is what continues to drive Vincent and the QN Designs team to keep growing and improving.


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